Terms & conditions new card

Before clicking the “Agree” button, please read the below Terms and Conditions and the Jiu-Jitsu Rules carefully. By clicking “Agree”, you will be deemed, for all legal purposes, to have read, understood and accepted, unconditionally the below terms and conditions in addition to the ISCBJJ Rules.
1. Definition of UAEJJF Membership:
  • Members of ISCBJJ are those individuals that have paid their annual membership fee to ISCBJJ and have agreed to the terms and conditions of ISCBJJ.
  • ISCBJJ membership does not release the member of other taxes and fees related with ISCBJJ events.
  • The membership is valid for 365 days.
  • The membership card entitles the user to the benefits associated with the membership.
  • The membership is not transferable and must only be used by the registered member. Any misuse of the membership will result in the membership being cancelled.
2. Membership Requirements
  • Applicants must present accurate information when filling the registration form.
  • Applicants must upload all the documents required in order to complete the registration process.
  • You agree to provide accurate, current, and complete information required to register with ISCBJJ and at other points as may be required in the course of using the Service.
  • You further agree to maintain and update your Registration Data as required to keep it accurate, current, and complete.ISCBJJ may terminate your membership if any information you provide is false, inaccurate or incomplete.
  • ISCBJJ Members must act with discipline, respect and follow the instructions given by ISCBJJ staff. Acts of misconduct, lack of respect, bad behaviour and will to cooperate will not be tolerated. If you don’t cooperate, after receiving 3 warnings, your membership will be terminated
3. Membership Benefits
  • Members of ISCBJJ will receive membership card that will serve as official ISCBJJ ID.
  • Members of ISCBJJ will be allowed to compete in all ISCBJJ events.
  • Members of ISCBJJ will receive special rates and discounts on products.
  • Members of ISCBJJ will have database file with all achievements and progress.
  • The personal information stored in ISCBJJ system will allow ISCBJJ to follow logistics and other matters.
  • Members of ISCBJJ will have their personal file showing all competition achievements for collecting quotas.
4. User Account and Security
  • For security purposes, you must type your membership number ID and password in order to access your page to edit or update personal data.
  • You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Account. You are entirely responsible for all activities that occur on or through your Account, and you agree to immediately notify ISCBJJof any unauthorized use of your Account or any other breach of security.
  • ISCBJJ will not be responsible for any losses arising out of the unauthorized use of your Account.
5. Copyrights
  • It is not permitted to use images, texts, sounds, and designs from ISCBJJ without authorization.
6. Prohibitions
  • It is prohibited to the member to:
    • Violate the agreements stated in this page.
    • Be a part of activities and actions which will be damaging to the ISCBJJ administration.
7. Liability of ISCBJJ
  • ISCBJJ will not be held responsible for any physical injury/damage or material damage that may occur during events organized by ISCBJJ.
  • ISCBJJ will not be held responsible for any physical injury/damage or material damage that may occur during events organized by associations, academies, or organizers, affiliated to ISCBJJ.
  • ISCBJJ will not be held responsible for any physical injury/damage or material damage that may occur during the training in academies affiliated of ISCBJJ.
8. Personal Data Security
  • Member’s personal data will be held and kept secure to our best possible capabilities according to ISCBJJ privacy policy.
9. Alternation of Agreements and Termination
  • ISCBJJ has the right to alternate or add to these Agreements at any time without member’s permission.
  • ISCBJJ has the right to terminate the membership of any member who violates the agreements stated by ISCBJJ or by the decision of ISCBJJ directory.