The International Swiss Confederation of Brazilian JiuJitsu (ISCBJJ) has just announced the Winners for the 2016 Ranking that it will reward the best BJJ competitors in Switzerland !

Best Youth Athlete

Winner will receive a kimono, a free trip and entry tickets for Disney Paris for 3 people

  • Yoann Candolfi -36pts
  • Alex Rey -18pts
  • Andres Payer -18pts

Best White Belt

Winner will have Registration fee for the European Championship 2017

  • Iris Karjalainen – 95pts

  • Mirko Karjalainen- 43pts
  • Sammy dos Santos – 40 pts 

Best Female Athlete (all belt levels together)

Winner will have airplane tickets Europeans Championship 2017

  • Vanessa Pereira -121pts
  • Iris Karjalainen – 95pts
  • Sirlei Costa – 36pts

Best Masters athlete (White, Blue and Purple Belt level)

Will win the Registration for Europeans 2017

  • Mirko Karjalainen -43pts
  • Sirlei Costa 36pts
  • Carlos Augusto Gagliardi 29pts

Best Blue Belt athlete

Will win Registration for the Europeans 2017

  • Vanessa Pereira -102pts
  • Ayrton Djambo -36pts
  • Giuseppe Petronio -19pts

Best Purple Belt athlete

Will win Registration for the European Championship 2017

  • David Rivera 36pts
  • Kareem Nour 27pts
  • Ahmed Youssefzai 18pts

Best Brown/ Black Belt athlete

Will win Tickets for IBJJF Worlds Championship 2017

  • Danny Feliz 60pts
  • Carlos Augusto Gagliardi 19pts
  • Cid Correa do Nascimento 12pts

Best athlete of the year (all categories together)

  • Vanessa Pereira 121pts
  • Iris Karjalainen – 95pts
  • Danny Feliz – 60 pts